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Feb 28, 2016


Future of ROST

Hello guys, gotta be honest with you at this point. My love for this webcomic and its characters is slowly being drained away by college and other personal work, so not sure if I'm going to get motiviated enough to get back on my feet for this baby when college eases up. It's very disappointing how I couldn't get this story up and running, and I apologize for my ill-planned time-manegment and driving any hopes up!

All I can say is that I do not know when this comic will go back up again. Unless my love for it is refilled and I am blessed with more free time, it's gonna stay dormant. I'm not going to do an announcement on whether or not Residents of Spooky Town is officially closed because I'm still doubting myself if I do want to let this story go. Maybe some day? Nonetheless, I just wanted to inform you readers about my situation with this comic. Sorry to disappoint, I promise any future works from me won't flop this badly, because this is ridiculous as a creator in my part.

Till then, stay freaky~

Mar 6, 2015


Site Fixing

Sorry if some of you guys saw weird glitches on the site, I was fixing some coding stuff to try to make the site a bit better! >wO Should be done tomorrow~

Jul 11, 2014



It'll be sooo much apreciated if some of you spread the news about this upcoming webcomic! Thank you ^w^

And see you soon~

Jun 23, 2014



Hehey, so I'm just trying to make this webcomic site look spiffy! Hope ya'll like it ^^