Main Characters

16 | ♀ | Witch

Smart, serious, and very hardy, Nirvanna has quite the reputation at getting things done right. Despite her gloomy outlook, Nirvanna has a super tight relationship with Eginhard and Curio and has at least some fun with them. She's very good at exterminating Sleepers, because she's quite determined to find out about her lost and rather strange memories.

16 | ♂ | Scarecrow

Quite a cheerful and sweet fellow, Eginhard is known to be a talented and aspiring singer (too bad his school work isn't so grand). His most favorite thing in the world is music and jamming, however his most favorite people are Curio and Nirvanna. He's usually seen with his pals and would do anything for them and do anything with them, even kick some Sleeper butt!

16 (?) | ♂ | Voodoo Doll (?)

Curio is the little mascot and friend of Nirvanna and Eginhard (only they understand his "po" "pi" talk). He's pippy and ready to give you a big hug! He doesn't help fight Sleepers, but serves as a pouch to hold Sleeper energy that gets dropped. Besides that Curio is a loveable thing- just don't threaten the poor thing with mean looks!


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