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Oct 31, 2014


Wowie wow! First page guys yaaay~!

For those who aren't familiar with my other sites I post things on, I'll be uploading the first 7 pages everyday.

Then the update schedule will be Wednesday's & Friday's

Thanks for looking, and Happy Halloween! ^w^

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Oct 31, 2014


Nice colors!

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Oct 31, 2014


Really nice! Can't wait for more!

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Oct 31, 2014


You are commencing!

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Oct 31, 2014


Wowww!!! Your coloring style is absolutely GORGEOUS<3

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Nov 7, 2014


I'm so ready for this :)

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Mar 4, 2015


Ok, I just started reading the comic and I can already see ways that people can make it EXTREMELY "Spooky". Ahem... sorry, no offence (Of all seriousness, I have a feeling that this is going to be a great comic, because as a fan of the webcomic Zoophobia, that's how I found this comic in the first place, I can tell colour is very nicely demonstrated here and the detail is pretty nice as well. Wonderful introduction to this comic, and I am excited to read more. My hat is off to you.

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May 26, 2015

Zikka Friday

Let's start at the beginnninnngg...a veeerryyy good place to staarrrt (music)

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Jun 2, 2015


Wow, that is a gorgeous first page! I'm subscribing, will read more later.:D

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